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Sassan S. Saatchi, Ph. D.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109

Tel: 818-354-1051
Fax: 818-393-5184
Sassan Saatchi

Ph.D. Electrophysics, George Washington University, 1988 (Advisor, Roger Lang).

M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, (Advisor, Wolfgang Boerner).

B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1981 (Advisor, Ronald Priemer)


Jan 02-Present Senior Research Fellow, Center for Tropical Research, Institute of Environment, UCLA.

2002-Present Senior Research Associate, Yellowstone Ecological Research Center.

Sep 01-Present Science Team Member, NASA Instrument Incubator Program.

Jul 01-Present Science Team Member, North American Carbon Program, NACP, Harvard University.

Sep 00-Present Science Team Member, Large-Scale Biosphere Atmosphere (LBA) Experiment in Amazonia.

Oct 01- 2002 Science Team Member, BIOMASCA Mission, European Space Agency.

2002 Special Editor, International Journal of Remote Sensing.

2001 Member of Biological Fingerprinting, Center for Applied Biodiversity, Conservation International.

Nov 00-Present Science Team Member, Advance Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) of Japan.

1999 Scientist, EX-6 Vegetation Recovery Mission.

1999-Present Principal Scientist, Deforestation and Land Use change in Central Africa

Sep 99-Present Member, Board of Directors, NASA/CCAD Meso-American Biological Corridor Program.

Jun 99-2001 Member, Organizing Committee of Conservation Biology and NASA Program.

Sep 98-2001 Science Team Member, Land Cover and Land Use Change Program (LCLUC), NASA.

1998 Science Team Member, LIGHTSAR Mission.

May 91-Present Senior Scientist, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CALTECH.

May 99-Present Member of Working Group of Oak Ridge National Laboratory DAAC.

Apr 93-1998 Science Team Member, Boreal Ecosystem Atmosphere Study (BOREAS), NASA.

1994 Science Team Member, NASA Shuttle Endeavor Mission, SIR-C/X-SAR.

1994 Member, Technical Committee, International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, CALTECH.

Sep 91-1993 Science Team Member, First ISLSCP (International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project).

Sep 90-1992 Science Team Member, HAPEX-Sahel: the Hydrology-Atmosphere Pilot Experiment in the Sahel.

1990-1991 Research Fellow, University Space Research Association, University of Maryland.

1990-1993 Science Team Member, Multisensor Airborne Campaign for Hydrology (MACHYDRO) in Spain.

1990 Member, Technical Committee, IEEE, International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium.

1988-1990 National Academy of Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory for Terrestrial Physics, NASA/GSFC

1988-1991 Lecturer, Electrical Enginnering, George Washington University.

1986-1988 Staff, Science System Applications, Hydrological Sciences Branch, NASA/GSFC, Maryland.

1981-1983 Research Assistance, Telecommunications Laboratory, Electromagnetic Imaging Group University of Illinois, Chicago.


1994 Technical Achievement Award, Space Shuttle Imaging Radar Program, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

1990 Recipient of Young Scientist Award of the Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale (URSI) at the General Assembly, Prague, Czechoslovakia.

1988 Ph.D. with honors, George Washington University

1987 Gamma Kappa Sigma

1986 COMSAT, Telecommunication Graduate Student Award

1983 M.S. with honors, University of Illinois, Chicago

1981 B.S. with honors, University of Illinois, Chicago


In Press Smith, T.B., Saatchi, S., Graham, C., Slabbekoorn, H., and Spicer, G. Putting process on the map: why ecotones are important for preserving biodiversity, in A. Purvis, J. Gittleman, and T. Brooks (Eds.). Phylogeny and Conservation. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

In Press Lucas, R. Held, A.A., Phinn, S.R., and Saatchi, S. S. Tropical Forests. Remote Sensing of Earth Sciences: Manual of Remote Sensing volume 4. Ustin, S. et al. (eds). John Wiley & Sons.

In Press Saatchi, S., and Sun, G. Synergistic Use of Radar and Optical Remote Sensing Data. in Land Cover and Land Use Change. Gutman, G. Justice, C., Skole, D. (Eds). NASA Publications, Washington, DC.

1999 Quiroz, R., and Saatchi, S. Mapping Aquatic and Agricultural Vegetation of Altiplano, Agriculture and Agroforestry Management, CIFOR, Lima, Peru.

1995 Saatchi, S., Njoku, E., and Wegmüller, U. Synergism of active and passive microwave data for estimating bare soil surface moisture, in Passive Microwave Remote Sensing Research Related to Land-Atmosphere Interactions, B. Choudhury, Y. Kerr, E. Njoku, P. Pampaloni, VSP, Amesterdam, The Netherlands.

1990 Saatchi, S., and Lang, R. H. Wave intensity fluctuations in a one dimensional discrete random medium, in Directions in Electromagnetic Wave Modeling, Edited by H.L. Bertoni and L.B. Felsen, Plenum Press, New York.


2003-Present Donat Agosti, Ph.D. American Museum of Natural History, Visiting Scientist, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

2001-Present Claudia Cordero, M.S. Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Salvador, Brazil

2002-Present Nicole Smith, Ph.D. Student, Dept. of Environmental Science, CALTECH.

2000-2002 Marc Simard, Ph.D. Post Doctoral Fellow at NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

1999 Erika Podest, M.S. University of Redding, UK.

1995-96 Jose Moreno, Ph.D. University of Valencia, Spain, Visiting Scientist at NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

1998 Roberto Quiroz, Ph.D. CIP Institute, Lima, Peru, Visiting Scientists at NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

1995 Nirmal Kashava, Ph.D. Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburg.

1994 Dashin Lin, Ph.D. Department of Earth Sciences, Princeton University.






The list over 400 conference and lecture papers and presentations is available upon request.